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Architecture of the Body – Yoga Workshop Series 
Architecture of the body yoga series is a dive into the physical body where you will discover new movement pattens, get clear on what we are doing in the key foundational poses, what should be activated along with a greater understanding of effort and ease (sthira & sukha) in your yoga practice, this series will seriously enhance how you practice Yoga.
Together we will explore a deeper connection with the physical body through enquiry, practice and discussion.  Each session will sequentially build the body temple.
You will learn
  • How to activate and embody new movement patterns
  • How to adjust the distribution of weight and move the forces efficiently through your body 
  • Key foundational yoga poses what their key functions are and how to perform them optimally.
  • Essential anatomical landing points so that you can better understand teaching ques and alignment principles.
  • What variations of these poses are best suitable to your body
Who is this for
  • Loving your yoga but want to gain a better understanding on how to perform the posture more comfortably?
  • Some poses are a challenge on your physically and want to know which variations you should take?
  • Not quite getting some poses, not sure what you are suppose to be doing?
  • Maybe your newish to yoga and want to know more?
Architecture of the Body will increase your confidence of the basic asanas as well as give your great insight into how to evolve your yoga practice.   This is your opportunity to be at one with your body, to be present, aware and accepting of how your body moves and grooves. Getting the most out of your yoga classes and keep your body mobile so that your can live your life with greater ease. 
Within each of these sessions, we will explore key anatomy anchor points, the yogic wisdom behind why these points are relevant within your yoga practice this is done though the process of enquiry, demonstration, touch and builds on alignment principles to enhance their yoga practice and elevate it to the next level. 
Working for individual workshops 

‘Feet the Foundation’ Saturday 9th September 1pm till 3pm – ACCESS TO THIS VIA RECORDING 

It’s the feet that move us forward in life, and as we journey to know the physical body through bone, tissue, cells, begins with the feet.  Our general stability and support are found in the bones and connective tissue of the feet, they help regulate our nervous system, increase circulation and improve respiration.
The feet are our foundation and they provide structural organisation for the entire body, if there is one session you need to attend its FEET.

‘Pivotal Pelvis’ Saturday 7th October 1pm till 3pm

The pelvis is the main point in the body that provides balance and support for the trunk, its mis-alignment in yoga is the main culprit for leaving class with an achy lower back. The bowl of the pelvis is a complex structure that takes time to master but being aware of its capabilities and exploring its movement in key asanas will give you a greater understanding of how to stand tall, balance and reduce the effort that your body needs to remain stable.
The pelvis is the key structure for balancing forces through the whole architecture of the body.


‘Core Connection’ Saturday 28th October 1pm till 3pm 

We loose awareness of our bellies and when that happens we loose connection with the vital core.  Its from this very centre of our beings that we initiate movement and that is why it is so prized in both yoga and Ayurveda it even has its own practices, uddiyana bandha, agni sara. This is your power centre which for most of us we simply give away, harnessing the power of your core through navel radiation will be a revelation to your practice. Please know that this is not a traditional ‘core class’ with loads of sit ups, this is an opportunity to harness your power and to direct it through your body, breath and out into your life.
Your Navel centre is your power house, learn how to keep it well stocked and full of life force. 


‘Heart & Soul’ Saturday 18th November 1pm till 3pm

When the sun rises, all stars fade away in its brilliance, similarly when the sun of knowledge rises in the heart and a person experiences the essence of the self, the radiant sim blazes om joy eyes. its f;a,es radiate through every pore of their body, As it flashes his entire body it is filled with the nectar of love ~ Swami Muktananda
The heart and lungs the life giving forces are housed in their safe home within the rib basket, their interconnection with the upper thoracic spine and shoulder girdle make for a magnificent home for the seat of the soul.  It is our emotional centre our beat and pulse of life, this session we will explore the breath and ways to keep this space open to receive.
Our heart is the seat of the soul keeping it open through life our deepest challenge, its the seat of LOVE

‘Heady Heights’ Saturday 2nd December 1pm till 3pm

The practice of yoga is one of ascension drawing energy up through the spine to the crown of the head sahasrāra chakra said to be the seat of consciousness.
The support of the head is through the shoulder girdle and the spine, when we miss place the alignment of the head which is the heaviest part of our body we put undue stress on our upper thoracic spine and our shoulders. 
Durning this session we will explore shoulder, neck and head alignment in key asanas along with how to weight bear through our arms for poses such as plank, down dog and handstand.
Calming our head and relaxing our shoulders moves us from fight or flight and drops us into the parasympathetic nervous system leaving us calm, relaxed and effortless.
Spaces are limited to 15 students so that there is room to move and so that you can receive personal attention and guidance.


Attend the remaining series – special offer FREE Recoding of Feet as Foundation and attend the remaining 4 workshops at the 5 sessions for the price of 4

Total Offer Investment £140



September 9, 2023 @ 1:00 pm
December 2, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


First Floor 76 St Mary’s Road
Market Harborough, LE16 7DU
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