Are you ready to take the next step?

If you like me have experienced the benefits of yoga, how it lifts your spirit, is there when you are in need and supports you in living the life that you are passionate about living.

Work with me to enliven your personal practice, maybe it’s using yoga therapeutically to rebuild your insured shoulder, or emotionally your life is in chaos and you need clarity, and need support establishing a meditation practice.

I’m here for you, designing, sequencing, choosing from the myriad of yoga techniques and prescribing them for you so that you can enjoy the benefits of the right practice at the right time

If you like me are passionate about getting results, living a life with less drama, pain and anxiety, then please reach out.  I know from my own yogic journey that working with a teacher 1:1 is precious time, that accelerates your progress and keeps you focused. 

So if your being called to address, your health, wellness, personal practice or your Yoga Teachings reach out, check out the ways we can work together.


Personalised sessions are great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. With 1:1 attention, you can work towards a specific goal and learn ways to build your practice based on your precise needs.

yoga coaching course
yoga coaching course


Suffering from back pain, weight control, joint pain, not as mobile as you use to be, illness, life changes or simply exhausted then specialised Yoga Therapy is for you.  It’s a personalised programme of yogic practices, skilfully applied.  Substantial shifts happen wellness stirs, and life awakens.

Embrace change


New or seasoned yoga teacher, feeling like you have more to offer, not sure how to shine and serve your students more effectively.  Want to gain a better grasp on yoga anatomy, posture alignment, theming or sequencing, build you client base or simply want a sounding board and mentor support.

Get support
yoga coaching course


“I want to thank you for being such an inspirational Yoga Teacher.
Your classes are what get me through the week. When I moved away I found some good instructors but none
so far have shown the intense passion for yoga you teach with and no one inspires and provokes such
emotion awakenings as you have done for me. I love the quotes you share with us, I still have a poem you
gave me and read it frequently. So thank you Rosemary for being a light in my life.”

Debbie , Yoga Student

“Rosemary you really are an amazing Yoga teacher. Your depth of knowledge of the human body and how you
get us to engage and focus optimises our potential it’s enlightening. Through practice with ou I no longer
suffer with hip pain or shoulder/neck pain I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with me. It has
been your inspiration that I re-trained as a Yoga Teacher and I now share the gift with others.”

Keeley , Yoga Teacher specialising in pregnancy yoga

“Friendly, knowledgeable, informative, credible, positive and engaging. I have been practicing with Rosemary
for over 4 years, and am continually learning; Rosemary never repeats a class and offers lots of workshops and
retreats on top of her regular weekly schedule, they complement each other perfectly. I implicitly trust
Rosemary and her advanced knowledge. Rosemary creates a perfect blend of teaching theory and postures,
while also ensuring we all work hard and are learning throughout; it’s never an easy ride but that’s how we
progress! Rosemary also has her eye on everyone during the class and always comes round with corrections
and advice where necessary. Her class sizes always allow for this.”

Lucy , Yoga Student

“Passionate and organic. You live your yoga and share that with us. Your open and embrace the
beginners mind enough to keep the whole thing fresh and evolving. Practicing with you feels we all
grow together”

Carl , Zen meditation teacher and guide

“Thank you Rosemary I always feel a better version of myself after class –  calmer, more patient, more
accepting and grateful for how everything are. I like it how you also bring me to the here and now, I
don’t fret about anything else during practice, I feel save under your guidance.”

Beverly , Homeopath