Winter Soul & Sound Healing Retreat

Let it all go for a while, let your soul be nourished, let your body find rest and let the sound of stillness soften your heart, all held in the sweet earth vibration of Tofte Manor, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

Weekend Retreat

29th November 2024 to 1st December 2024

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About ‘Winter Soul & Sound Healing Retreat’

When I very first stepped on to the land at Tofte Manor I got shivers up my spine, my body, mind, energy knew this place, it felt like home. Since that time I have visited many times the energy of this land is charged, I dance here, I walk here, I heal here. I have been on Retreat here, every time I come to the place I smile, it welcomes me and I always want to come back, it holds me, allow me to release, it cleansers and nourishes me.

I am deeply honoured to now be able to offer you the opportunity to retreat on this very special earth space that Suzie (who’s home Tofte is) has so beautifully restored, dedicated her to time, honoured and respected this ancient land.

The intention for the ‘Winter Soul & Sound Healing Retreat’

To collaborate and create a weekend, at a time of year when we find ourselves weary and so desperately need to REST, recalibrate, nourish and be together in gentle company and community.

The weekend will be a fine blend of SATYA somatic, Yin and Yoga Nidra, practices that release fatigue, unwind contraction so that you can come back to you feeling bright and peaceful. There will be space together where we can journal, meditate, free the breath, deeply rest, in an environment that is energetically aligned for healing. It’s a time to clear, nourish and rebuild.

The weekend will be led by myself Rosemary Booker and supported by my dear friend and spirit Sister, Kanti Freeman of Divine Harmony, who will be bringing you not 1 but 2 Sound Healing Therapy sessions. What can I say, phew I attended Kanti’s retreat at Tofte last year and it quite frankly blew me away I just knew I had to bring this experience to you.

It really is the perfect time of year to take time out, to gather yourself, prepare reset and regroup before that December craziness, you will enter that time with a different mind-set and from a place where the heart chimes with greater joy.

Whats included

  • Morning & Evening skilfully weaved yoga, breathe, mind and body movement sessions (accessible for all, Beginners Welcome)
  • Intuitive ‘in the moment’ sound healing, finding balance and harmony.
  • Magical Country Manor House accommodation & Grounds
  • Friday night Fire Pit ritual (weather permitting)
  • Walking the 2 exquisite labyrinths and receive the Earth energy activation
  • Resting with your feet up in the drawing room round a log fire in your PJ’s gazing out to the land and grounds
  • Be supported and held in your breakdowns and breakthroughs
  • Being on the incredible land at Tofte, simply walking, breathing, grounding
  • Held in the embrace of community
  • Nourished with delicious plant based retreat food by our personal chef Chamia of ‘Nourish me Wild’
  • A weekend for you to drop out, rest and restore
Pricing & Booking below

About Toft & Your Manor house Accommodation

Tofte Manor is a Spiritual Sanctuary and Elemental Sacred Space

The land that Tofte Manor sits upon has been energetically worked with using crystals and intention. The purpose being to create an environment that welcomes the Sacred.

A portal of Light, to hold, to protect and to open the heart to healing and transformation. A space that brings harmony, integration, and balance. A space that allows us to safely surrender and see what wishes to emerge in us and our world. The elements of EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER have been consciously placed within the environment to enhance the energy of this beautiful space.

The magic of Tofte Manor is held in its ancient history, the grounds and the lovingly restored interiors of this beautiful 17th Century manor house. What makes Tofte a unique venue is its harmonious holistic environment, as well as the fact that Toft Manor still retains its purpose as a home. That gives it an atmosphere of love and warmth


There is accommodation in the Monor House and in the Stable Court yard with lots of space to relax, rest, re-energise, heal, explore and discover.

The interior of the Manor House has been sympathetically and exquisitely restored. Featuring interesting architecture, beautiful antiques, paintings and harmonious interior décor – this is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy and absorb the peaceful atmosphere.

The Manor House has nine luxurious bedrooms with shared bathrooms, created with imagination and attention to detail for your comfort. Six of the bedrooms are doubles, and tthree are twin-bedded which can be converted to doubles if required.

Stable Courtyard accommodation, Light and Spacious

The Stables Courtyard is only 20 meters from the manor house, has been carefully restored and converted into beautifully designed contemporary cottages surrounding a central courtyard. With easy access to the Dinning and Drawing rooms of the Manor house with added privacy.

Our History

The first mention of Tofte Manor lies in the Doomsday book in 1086. The land was originally gifted by the Crown to Sir William de Tofte, a Knights Templar.

The Tofte Star Labyrinth

The Tofte Star Labyrinth copies the design of the ancient 11 circuit pattern of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France, but with a unique twist. Water runs through it, under the labyrinth pathway, and can be drunk. This water was tested and photographed by Professor Maseru Emoto’s laboratories.

The labyrinths at Tofte Manor act as anchor points for cosmic and earth energies, the above and the below, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine providing an opportunity for bringing them into balance within ourselves and the world.

Incorporated into the labyrinth designs are all the elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Water plays an important role at Tofte Manor. We believe that drinking pure vital, energetic water is essential to our health. Every drop of water that comes into the property has been energetically charged. We provide our own energetically charged drinking water for free.

The Yurt where we will be joining together for our group sessions
Our beautiful Yurt is set on a quiet spot within the grounds not far from the Star Labyrinth. This is a circular space, 33 feet in diameter and is kept beautifully warm with far infrared heating that helps the body to detox and build the immune system.

The Fire Pit
​The Tofte Fire pit sits in a quiet open space under open skies and next to the ancient oak tree. It is built in the shape of the ancient symbol of the ouroboros, the snake eating its’ own tail representing death and re-birth. In the centre under the fireplace lies the yin/yang symbol making this a special space for working with the cleansing element of fire.
The element of Fire is transformational and purifying. It gives warmth and comfort, and it also burns away and destroys. Like everything in its extreme, it holds the energy of the polar opposites, nourishment and destruction.

A delicious sensual experience…
Massive, ancient trees stand guard in the grounds, hidden swings and meditation spots mix in with a giant table and chairs, a wooden Star bed and a carved Green Man & Woman.

Statues rise from the earth and crystals sit comfortably in carefully places spots.
A crystal ball water feature glows like the moon in the garden at night. In the spring drifts of wildflowers appear along the banks. The summer brings herbaceous borders crammed with peonies, roses, iris, penstemon, delphinium, nepeta and many other beauties.


I had such a wonderful week – Rosemary was an incredible teacher. I loved my introduction to yoga and her enthusiastic, energetic approach. I felt an opening in my hips and shoulders and an awakening of my spine, which was wonderful – even my feet are much more spread and dynamic! The focus on pranayama and meditation was also excellent, as they often get forgotten for the asana and are such a crucial part of the practice.

Sarah, Your Content Goes Here

This was truly the best yoga retreat I have EVER been on. Rosemary’s yoga is so inspiring, nurturing and restorative it created a unique spirit amongst the group and we were all challenged and supported to develop in a way we never had before (both on and off the mat). All in all simply couldn’t have been a more amazing week

Karen, Your Content Goes Here

First off let me say that I was not a fan of yoga but I was coming up for retirement and a friend of mine recommended that I challenge myself by going on a yoga retreat.

It was with some trepidation that I travelled to Kho Samui in July of this year to attend a retreat at Samahita run by Rosemary for 10 days.

Now I had tried yoga at the gym which made me think that yoga wasn’t for me but Rosemary changed that – she is properly authentic, motivational, non-judgemental and fun. I hadn’t met Rosemary before Thailand but she made me feel at ease straight away.

Since returning to England I go to 2 yoga classes a week now.

Thank you Rosemary for your guidance and support

Ann-Marie, Your Content Goes Here

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There is a choice of accommodation

Prices are per person

Manor House rooms
Twin or Double shared bathroom – £585
Single shared bathroom (limited) – £695

Bathroom shares are between 2 rooms and are easily accessible.

Stable courtyard
Twin or Double with ensuite bathroom – £625

Single with ensuite bathroom (limited) – £725

Payment Details

DEPOSIT to secure your place £300 

1st Instalment – 10th August £150

Final balance payment (dependant on your room choice) – 20th October