1 on 1 Personal Yoga sessions are a great way to start, deepen or come back to your yoga practice.

Yoga was traditionally taught Teacher to Student —because we are all different, we move differently we have different needs and therefore all need a different yoga practise

Beginners—Its a great way to start if you find attending a group class daunting, personal yoga allows you to ask plenty of questions and means that your understanding and confidence grows and you avoid the risk of injury

Intermediate students—who have specific goals/challenges, this is the forum to address them moving your practise forward and build your own personal practise that serves and delivers for you

Got an injury—whether a yoga practitioner or not Yoga Therapy will address the underlying cause and develop a strategy to manage or get you back to health

Personal Yoga can be dynamic, therapeutic, or restorative depending on your goals and lifestyle—These session are all tailored specifically for you

Yoga Teachers-may want to explore, how to achieve a certain asana, learn yoga adjustments, variations/krama’s for student injuries or abilities, to improving your chanting or ask questions around Yogic Philosophy. Teacher Mentoring – Mentoring can help you increase confidence, find direction and develop your business as a yoga teacher. Sessions could include:

  • Anatomy and the anatomy of movement in yoga asana and pranayama
  • Use of language and vocal skills for teachers
  • Adjusting and sequencing asana
  • Advanced asana practice and teaching skills
  • Your unique voice as a teacher

All sessions to be taken within weekdays 7am till 6pm