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‘Warming Winter Revival’ 

As the winter draws in and we start to feel the pressures of the festive season approaching at speed, we get frazzled, exhausted, overwhelmed as we get sucked in you feel like you are holding Rudolph’s reins and you are pulled from pillar to Christmas post.


Time out a day just for you, to drop the challenges of life, breathe out, be held in community, enjoy inspirational yoga that touches your heart, foods that nourish your being and a therapeutic sound journey that drops you deeply into healing.

A Warming Winter Revival is awaiting you.

Every year at this time it is essential to take care of our respiratory system but this year more than ever.  To build our immunity to fight off the airborne bugs.  The Winter season is upon us, it’s a time of imbalance in the air and ether elements, which are characterised by such qualities as dryness, cold, fast erratic movement, and increased anxiety.

Our day together is aimed at pacifying and balancing this energy by slowing down and bringing your body and mind into a warm, nourished, grounded state of being.

There really isn’t anything as important and vital than your wellbeing. This day will bring you to a place of self-nurturance, giving you the tools to support your wellness.  It truly is a wonderful time of the year to venture out and enjoy the changing of the season.

Our day together will be held in a safe and friendly space so that you can relax, release tension, open the canopy of your lungs, boost your immune system, quieten your mind and be ready for the festive season ahead.

Let us nourish you

What to expect from ‘Warming Winter Revival’ Day

🎄10.30am  -Arrive Settle and claim your healing space

🎄10.30am – 1.00pm – Warming Winter Yoga practice

Expect a fully integrated and skilfully sequence yoga practice incorporating, SATYA Somatic’s, Hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Our focus will be on nourishing, nurturing, relaxing and healing starting with the lungs made from delicate, highly sensitive tissues. They can be quickly be opened through cardiovascular exercise or they can become closed and restricted due to states of tension and fear. We will gently expand the sails of our lungs in this yoga practice to improve circulation, build defences and prana to leave you feeling energised yet calm and grounded.

🎄1.00pm – 2.00pm – Wholesome Plant based Lunch

Sharing food has been a way to connect and enjoy each other’s company for millennium and I am very pleased to welcome back the very talented Jenny who delicately creates delicious wholesome food that will nourish you from the inside.  Jenny’s food is so tasty, delicious and all natural, easily digestible and plantbased. ‘I could eat Jen’s food everyday’

🎄2pm – 2.15pm – Breath of Life

A healing qi-gong pranayama designed to create flow and ease in the meridians giving you greater lung capacity and easy breathing. (This is a lifesaving practice for the lungs, it’s one of those practice that once you have experienced it you will use again and again – after I had the corona virus I used this practice for 3 months, it was perfect for my healing and I believe a big contributing part of why I did not suffer any long covid symptoms)

🎄2.30pm – 3.30pm – Yin Yoga for Immunity

Within this yin yoga practice we will look to stimulate the flow of prana/Qi that flows to the heart and lungs. Prana is the basic life force of the body. Having enough prana flowing smoothly in the meridians is key to health and longevity in body and mind.

🎄3.15pm – 4.30pm – Therapeutic Sound Bath – Relax, drift, surrender and be bathed in healing sound so gracefully created by Kanti Freeman she will lull you with therapeutic vibrations, soothing, uplifting, vibrant, cleansing and nurturing sounds of the Gong, Crystal bowls, voice, flute and much more, a real treat, deeply healing and the perfect way to end our day together

This day will leave you:

  • Feeling held, supported, capable and re-energised
  • Floating home it is simply the perfect antidote to modern day life
  • Rebalance, find your feet
  • Feel like you again, embracing your life with a smile
  • Recharge and re-claim your mojo and support your wellness
  • Rested and ready for the Festive season ahead

🎄The venue is a large airy space that is well ventilated, numbers are restricted so that you all have ample save space around you.

These retreat days make such a difference in so many of your lives and my priority is for you to feel comfortable, the venue is a large airy space that is well ventilated.

This means that the event has limited numbers and only full payment will reserve your place.

Spend time in community who holds dear the values of non-judgement, support and kindness which are integral to creating this healing space, a day inspired by pure self-care.

This is also the last class I will be teaching this season as I take time off in December for a well-deserved rest and to deepen my own personal practice, so I would really love to see you before I hibernate 😉🥰

Come join us Booking is now OPEN – Click Here 


December 5, 2021
10:30 am - 4:30 pm


Old Village Hall
Charles Close
Northants, NN6 9RQ United Kingdom
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